The Israeli Corrupting Left party's Iron Jaws

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By Therese Zrihen Dvir

Jerusalem is not only the state of Israel's capital; it is beyond any doubt, the spiritual capital of all Jews around the world. Trying to convert it into a secular metropolis and/or sodomizing it, is equal to a blatant denial of each meaning and gist it symbolizes. The state of Israel, initially erected to provide a shelter for all the Jews in the Diaspora, stands firm on being worldly recognized as a Jewish State. Somehow and somewhere, it seems that we are loosing the string. If Israelis wish their country Israel to be recognized as a Jewish state by the entire world, it is essential at first that they'll recognize it as such by themselves.

How could this be possible without its Jewish identity which is nowadays put into jeopardy by the left party and its secular activists?

Who is Jew? Anyone born to Jewish parents or to a Jewish mother. But, is it enough really?  According to the Halakha (In Judaism, all laws and ordinances evolved since biblical times to regulate worship and the daily lives of the Jewish People) yes indeed! But on the ground, it fails. To be considered true adept of any religion, one needs to recognize it, to adhere to all or to the majority of its tenets that identify and differentiate it from all other religions.  A person is considered Catholic if she adopts the Catholicism, perpetuates it, but mainly believes in it. Idem for Muslim who will have to bend to the Islamic rules to be considered a true adept, etc… An atheist, in accurate fact, denigrates Divine existence and therefore he has no affiliation whatsoever with any current religion.

Thus we conclude that atheists Jews are nothing else than atheists, as the simple and logical connotation of the word. Obviously, everyone knows that atheists with Jewish roots were hunt down, tormented and killed under the unique justification of their ancestral Hebrew roots.

In his attempt to save his Jews compatriot lives' Theodore Herzl, planned in Austria their public conversion into Catholicism.  His huge mistake was that he never took into consideration that even a dramatic conversion in such enormous scale would never prevent these new adepts to the Catholicism of being persecuted because of their Jewish origins.

An intense analysis of the major elements composing Israel Jewish population, somewhat propels us back to the pharaohs' era. In this flashback in the Hebrew's past history we face Moses' dilemma when he came to Ramses to claim his people. Moses never ignored the influences and harmful input encumbering his people, especially a regression to idolatry and a partial denigration of the Jewish religion. A compulsory and serious purification became inescapable. It occurred naturally during the forty years wandering in the desert. These unavoidable laps of time allowed the old generation to slowly pass away, carrying with it all the relics and mores of Egyptian civilization.

Nowadays, Jewish population religious tendencies vary in accordance of their countries of origin. The Ashkenazim, coming mostly from central Europe who escaped the holocaust during World War II, are in general non believers and counted as atheists. Some adopted the Marxism, social communist party, recognized it publicly and perpetuated it amidst kibbutzim. Raised without religious doctrines, their offspring, except a few, followed their parents' concepts and footsteps.

At the antipodes, we find the Jews Haredim, party ultra-orthodox and the Neturei Karta, commonly called "City Guardians". They are radically anti-Zionists, calling for the dismantling of the state of Israel, which, according to their faith, only the Messiah would reestablish. Any human involvement of recreating a Jewish state before Messiah's advent is considered by them as a profanation against Divine will. During Israel's elections, they systematically urge people to reject their rights to vote. They live in separated groups in quarters at Mea Shearim in Jerusalem and in Bnei Brak and are exempted from army servicing. From their lines, only rare volunteers serving humanitarian causes are reported.

Sephardic Jews are in general religious/conservators, but rarely extremists. They represent a moderated stream, somehow pragmatic, and more tolerant. They are the link in between the two extremities. They also represent the majority of the Jewish population in Israel. True Zionists in their mainstream, they join the armed forces and managed to gravitate between their religious concepts and the exigencies of a state permanently at war.

This kaleidoscope of civilizations turns the unison of this nation tragically problematic. As a consequence, violent riots spread between orthodox Jews who wish deservedly to preserve a Jewish atmosphere in the holy city of Jerusalem, against Hilonim (lay) from the left party who are determined to create a secular Israel, highlighting the authentic cancer that undermines the small country.

Israel has no need for additional enemies to destroy it! The left party installed since the foundation of the state of Israel and up to this very day, is engaged in this task.

The Newspaper Haolam Haze, headed by the member of the Israeli parliament, Uri Avineri has defended with fierce tenacity the Palestinians' rights. The leftist movement has since branched and its tentacles hide in the layers of the secular population, giving birth to the extremist movement Shalom Akhchav (Peace Now),

Left party notorious figures, considered as "politically correct" are found in the press: Haaretz, Yediot Ahronot, Maariv, in the TV official channels and obviously amidst political layers, including the most active Yossi Beilin who was the main instigator of the Oslo Peace agreement with Arafat that culminated into a bloody massacre for Israel.

Ahmadinejad and his partners need only to patiently stay in the dark and wait for the ineluctable upshot of the devastating erosion maintained by the left party against Israel and the entire world. It is a real plague, even more frightening that all nuclear weapons met together.

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