Israel's Darfur refugees turn to film to find expression

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Shooting video on the streets of Tel Aviv as part of the media project Asylum City for African refugees.

“I want to study to become a doctor and go back to help my people in Africa,” says Eunice while traveling through the streets of south Tel Aviv in a video film called You and Me that he recently made.
Eunice, 17, is one of about 200 African refugee teenagers who fled to Israel unaccompanied by other members of their families. It is estimated that about 14,000 Africans, mainly from the war-torn Darfur region of Sudan and from Eritrea, have fled across the Egyptian border seeking refuge in Israel.


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Bellar 07/10/2009 18:56

Sur les 14 000 combien y a t-il de futurs "médecins" ?? Et les autres ?? Aïe !! Tu as raison Yehoudi, y sont fous en Israël ! Un beau jour ils vont se retrouver comme les français...

Yéhoudi 07/10/2009 12:20

Chema Israel: n' en fais pas trop quand meme et occupes toi plutot de tes fils