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1: For the first time since the 1979 revolution, an American trade ship arrived at Bushehr port - A transatlantic American trade ship carrying livestock arrived at the Iranian Bushehr port. Such an event is unprecedented since 1979. Iranian officials at the port tried to play down the fact that the ship came from the US. Two aspects are unique about the ship’s landing: the fact that the ship came directly from the US and the fact that live animals are brought for the first time to Bushehr.

2: Iran’s Supreme Leader representative was denied a visa to the UAE - The UAE government refused to issue a visa for Hujatalislam Madani Bajestani, who was supposed to act as the representative of Iran’s Supreme Leader in the UAE. A short while ago, the UAE decided to deport Hujatalislam Hosseini who had been a Shiite preacher in this country for more than 18 years.

3: Reshuffle at Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs – The Asr-Iran website reported that Iran’s ambassador to Lebanon, Mohammad Reza Shibani would be appointed head of the Department for Middle East and CIS Issues, one of the most important departments of Iran’s Foreign Ministry. Ali Ahani, a former ambassador to France, Italy and Belgium and...

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