Karin A Mastermind Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison

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Fuad Shubaki (photo), former Minister of Finance for the Palestinian Authority security services and former aid to Yasser Arafat was sentenced to twenty years in prison and five years of suspended term for dealing arms and for his connection to the smuggling ship Karin A incident in January 2002.
Shubaki was convicted a few weeks ago for financing large quantities of weapons and hundreds of tons of equipment worth millions of dollars for the Palestinian Authority. The weaponry he financed includes anti-tank missiles, anti-aircraft rockets and various types of explosives. In addition to that, he was convicted for financing the weapons carried by the Karin A ship, participating in talks with foreign agents from Iran, receiving weapons and financing terrorism.
The military prosecution demanded that Shubaki receive life sentence noting that his actions were severe and put the strategic situation and safety of the entire region at risk. It was also argued that the fact that the defendant paid Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades squads to actively commit acts of violent murders and terrorist activities makes the case very severe.
The defense argued that the defendant cannot be treated as an arms dealer since he was in charge of the Palestinian Security Apparatus budget. In addition, they argued that his actions were essentially approved by PA Chairman Yasser Arafat, and that, in any case, the defendant did not gain any personal profit as a result of his actions.
http://www.shechem.org/paship/7.jpgShubaki stated that he "worked to achieve peace between peoples and has not committed any act of crime." He also added: "Whatever I did, it was all under Yasser Arafat's orders."
The court ruled in its decision that there is no doubt that the defendant is not a regular arms dealer as we have become accustomed to see in this area. Shubaki is someone who acted to fund weapons in enormous quantities some of which were anti-tank missiles and anti-aircraft missiles. The court also pointed out that the defendant would not take any responsibility for his actions, did not speak one word of regret, and clung to his claim that the arms were not connected to him in any way, although the evidence proved that he was involved in numerous illicit transactions, as well as dealing with terrorists funded by Iran.
Finally the court held that despite the defendant's serious crimes, there is a balance between the need to punish him and his personal circumstances such as his advanced age and medical condition.

Daniel Yom Tov

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