Agrexco increase in the export of organic products from Israel

Publié le par JSS's leading agriculture exporter Agrexco reported last week that the company experienced a sharp increase in the export of organic fruit and vegetables from Israel to Europe.
 Total sales of Agrexco amounted to some €550 million, and today it exports 65% of all organic agriculture in Israel. In a statement issued by the company it noted that agriculture in Israel was quick to study the field of growing organic fruit and vegetables, which is why it has a relative advantage in markets in Europe.
Agrexco reported that Germany demonstrated the highest growth in demand for organic produce. The second biggest consumer of organic fruit and vegetables from Israel is the UK, followed by France, Italy and Switzerland respectively.
Israeli exports of fresh fruit and vegetables have grown by 11.4% during the first half of 2009. Revenue from fresh fruit and vegetables exported from Israel reached €397m in the first half of 2009 compared with €356m in the same period last year. Citrus accounted for the strongest growth (31%), while avocadoes and other fruit recorded an increase of some 19%.
Vegetables grew by 11%. By contrast, a significant drop was seen in exports of flowers (27%), field crops (28%) and processing products (19%).
Agriculture Minister Shalom Simchon said that growth was due to increased production efficiency over the last 5 years, which has more than compensated for the current water crisis. He added that the new customs agreement with the European Union would bring additional growth in the coming years.

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