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  1. Thus, are some exclusive news from IRAN for the JSS BLOG !

  2. 1: Iran's ambassador to the IAEA : The international community is well aware that any attack or threat to attack against Iran's nuclear facilities will lead to terrible outcomes in the target, region and the world -   Iran's ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Ali Asghar Soltaniyeh (photo) said the international community is well aware that any attack or threat to attack against Iran's nuclear facilities will lead toterrible outcomes in the target, region and the world . He said that employing language of carrot and stick is not a civilized way and leads to the isolation of those using this way. Regarding "whether Iran wants to make nuclear weapons", Soltaniyeh said "we have never thought about making nuclear arms and we always condemn existence of these weapons…Iran will continuously fulfill its nuclear policies including uranium enrichment but under the framework of cooperation with the IAEA".

  3. 2: Only a handful of invitees took part in an ’Iftar’ meal (a festive meal held a the end of the daily fast during the month of Ramadan) held by the president’s office; Ahmadinejad is scheduled to give a sermon at the upcoming Friday prayers - Just 20 out of 290 invited Majlis deputies attended a festive dinner held by Ahmadinejad’s office in their honor, turning the event into an intimate meeting. The MPs explained that their decision to pass the dinner party was based on the fact that Ahmadinejad’s newly proposed cabinet of makes all meetings with the President and consultations a waste of time. Some sites interpreted the step as retaliation to Ahmedinejad's refusal to hold further consultations with the Majlis before introducing his new cabinet. Ahmadinejad is scheduled to take part in the sermons at the festive upcoming Friday prayer session.

  4. 3: Ahmed Tavakoli, a conservative Iranian MP, asked the Head of Judicial System, to revoke the ban against the Etemad Melli newspaper - In a letter addressed to the Head of Judicial System, Tavakoli agrued that the ban on the paper, the mouthpiece of Etemad Melli party, was illegal, and called on him to revoke the ban immediately.

  5. 4: Mother of slain female detainee Dr. Zahara Bani Yaqoob called all tortured detainees to tell their stories: Dr. Yaqoob was murdered in Hamadan detention center a year ago, after she had been detained by Home Ministry forces when strolling in a city park. Her mother decided to tell her story, revealing that when receiving her daughter's body, her throat was slashed and her legs were covered with multiple blue marks. Her mother said it's clearly proves Zaharah tried to struggle against the use of force against her. Her mother called on all detainees who wer abused or maltreated to tell their stories in order to bring the abusers to justice.  Nobody was arrested or tried for Zahara’s death. Her mother told the ‘Grieving Mothers” group she would defiantly wear black until her daughter’s murderers are brought to justice.

  6. 5: Iran manufactures the latest versions of the HQ2 Chinese SA missiles (photo below)-  Iran is building a nationwide air defense network using Chinese HQ2 missiles. These were first purchased in the 1980s, but since then, Iran progressed to the point where they are now indigenously manufacturing HQ2 missiles and radar stations under license. It's believed that China has quietly allowedIran to manufacture the latest updated versions of the HQ2 as well.
  7. http://www.ausairpower.net/HQ-2B-Tracked-TEL-1S.jpg

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Yehoudi 27/08/2009 16:07

Inchallah Joel....Inchallahet ce sera la fin de toutes les métastases engendrées depuis 30 ans par ce cancer  qui devrait ronger une certaine chienne

joel 27/08/2009 15:55

Très tendus les iraniens ! Ils s'agitent dans tous les sens présentant  une frappe salutaire pour le monde civilisé sur leurs installations .Soltaniyéh n'est que l'écho des Mollahs .Ils sentent bien que bientôt, la fête se termine .