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Publié le par JSS of Israelis have signed an online petition to boycott the Swedish furniture retailer IKEA, in the wake of a controversial article published in the Swedish daily Aftonbladet that suggested that Israeli soldiers "harvested" the organs of Palestinians.

The signatories were also dismayed at the refusal of the Stockholm government to denounce the allegations under the banner of press freedom.

"In the wake of the anti-Semitic publication of a Medieval-type blood libel against IDF soldiers, and the ongoing silence of the Swedish government on the matter, it is unacceptable that we continue to support the Swedish retailer IKEA," the petition read. "Please, don't just sign the petition, we need real action!"

Various figures in the Israeli government have harshly criticized the article and demanded, to no avail, that the Swedish government issue a condemnation. On Sunday it emerged that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to press Stockholm for an official condemnation.

A Web-based petition calling for a boycott of Swedish furniture chain IKEA's Israeli branch claimed to log over 4,600 signatories on Sunday.

In response, IKEA's local management issued a statement describing the firm as a commercial nonpolitical organization that has, and will continue to have, an excellent relationship with Israeli consumers.

IKEA’s response was to issue a statement saying that IKEA is a non-political commercial entity that has and will continue to have an excellent relationship with Israeli customers.  A new IKEA store is set to open in Rishon Letzion in 2010.

In the same time, other blog started to boycott Nokia (Pro-Israeli and Pro-democratie in Iran are boycotting Nokia), Volvo or Absolut Vodka !

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