Battle to free kidnapped Israeli soldier has taken to Twitter

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Hamas terrorists kidnapped Staff Sergeant Gilad Shalit in 2006, at the young age of 19, and remains in captivity. He is believed to be alive. Diplomatic and rescue efforts have proven fruitless, and the battle to free this Israeli hero has taken to the web.
Dozens of Jewish organizations will join thousands of Shalit's tech-savvy supporters on the Internet in a grassroots effort to increase awareness of his plight. The August 26th launch will fall just two days before Shalit's 23rd birthday (which falls out on Shabbat).
This 24-hour ''tweeting marathon'' will bring Shalit's name and cause to the forefront of the popular social media website, Twitter, and hopefully secure a place on its top ten list of trending discussions, thereby garnering international recognition.
''Dubbed “Tweet4Shalit’, this event will include thousands of supporters who sign onto Twitter to tweet the hashtag  "#GiladShalit” explained campaign initiator @JIDF (Jewish Internet Defense Force) in an email sent to, the official website of Chabad Lubavitch headquarters, is participating in the campaign with a twist of its own.
“By holding Shalit, Hamas is in direct violation of international law,” explains Yaacov Behrman, the site's Marketing Coordinator, “We are asking our readers to bring awareness to his cause by tweeting good deeds in his honor.”
Those on Twitter should tweet the good deed or mitzvah they are doing in Shalit's honor, along with the hashtag #GiladShalit. Interested readers who do not have Twitter can register on for free.  
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Yéhoudi 19/08/2009 10:33

Incompréhensible!!il aurait suffi comme moyen de pression de couper du monde,silence radio absolu,les milliers de prisonniers palos,les transférer au diable vauvert, en faire des "terra incognita" et là, je suis convaincu que la pression palos et voisines aurait  été assez forte sur Madame Laupignon pour que Shalit soit bien vite libéréagir par la bande de cette façon aurait été un plus probable  gage de succès que toutes les  interventions,louables certes,mais ne donnant  finalement que de l' aura a cette bande de crapules