The Hindu-Zionist Friendship

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Here is a facebook group... If you like the description, please go there and oin it ! ;-)

We are a group of Hindus who support the right of Isarel to be a Jewish only state. We firmly believe that:
1.Isarel has every right to exist as a Jewish state.
2.All the so called occupied territories are Israeli lands and no Arab state has the right to call them occupied or to stake a claim over the land.
3. We believe that all Muslims and Druze's should be expelled from Isarel and sent back to their countries of origin.
4. All Arab and Muslim nations should recognize Isarel as a rightful state and recognize that Jews alone have rights over Isarel.
5.We denouce all sorts Anti Semitism througout the world, whether it is ideological or religious in origin.
6. We denouce all those Religious philosophies which give the Jewish people a bad name.
7. We Hindus firmly stand by our Jewish brother and shall continue to do so in the face of all odds.
8. All Anti Semities and Anti Hindus are also anti humanity, because we represent the oldest cultural and social groups in the world.
9.All those who wish to see Hindus and Jews as dead are anti God and Evil worhippers
10. Isarel and India have historical ties and will continue to maintain them.

To join it, open your facebook account and search:"Hindu Zionists - We support the Jewish State of Israel"

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