Calendrier culturel israélien à travers le monde

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Austria - Vienna February-March Assaf Evron - exhibition at the Habres & Partener Gallery
Austria + Northern Italy Feb.25–March 10 ATAR Tri ATAR-Trio.jpg
Austria - Linz March 11-21 "Purim Spiel"  Presentation by Yehushua Sobol Yehushua-Sobol.jpgand David Mayan
Belgium - Brussels March 4-9 Israeli stand at the Brussels Book Fair
Belgium - Brussels March 29 to participate in Brussels' "Passa Porta" Literary Festival Michal Govrin Michal-Govrin.jpgAuthor 
Bulgaria - Sofia March 5-15 3 Israeli movies participate in the International Film Festival
Cyprus - Nicosia

March 14-21

3 Israeli movies participate in the Cyprus "Film Days" International Festival
Czech Republic - Prague March 11  – special concert and lectures Betty OliveroBetty-Olivero.jpgContemporary Israeli composer

Czech Republic - Prague

March 15

Jazz Concert – Avishai CohenAvishai-Cohen.jpg

Czech Republic - Prague

March 19

A.B. Yehoshua AB.jpg

Czech Republic - Prague March

Tribute to  Producer Marek Rosenbaum at Prague International Film Festival

France - Paris March The Israeli Film Festival
France - Paris March Israeli Stand at Paris' International Book Fair
France Marseille March 22-29.3 BabelMed Festival: Participation of  Dubi Lenz, World Music Specialist
France -  Nice  March Israeli Film Festival – Special Tribute to Tel Aviv Centennial
Germany - Leipzig February Concert of  the Moran Choir


Germany-Leipzig & Berlin March

Moran Choir Moran-Choir.jpgto participate in special presentations of Brundibar

Germany - Leipzig March

Authors Sara Shilo, Lizie Doron Lizie-Doron.jpgand Asaf Guvrin guests of the Israeli stand at the Leipzig Book Fair

Germany - Bonn March 25

Artist Hila Ben-Ari Hila-Ben-Ari.jpgparticipates in the International Videonale Festival

Hungary - Budapest March

Presentations by The Yiddish Spiel Theater

Luxemburg March 6-7

Yossi Berg & Oded Graf Yossi-Berg-&-Oded-Graf2.jpgat the Centre de Creation Chorégraphique

Italy - Torino End of February

ATAR Trio ATAR-Trio.jpgin special concert

Italy - Naples February 20-22

 Haifa Theater's version of  Erri de Luca's  "Montedio" by Italian "Aphrodita" Group

Italy - Bologna March Israeli stand at the Bologna International Children's Book Fair


Italy– Milano March-April

Participation of Galit Eilat Galit-Eilat.jpgCurator and Director of the Israeli Center for Digital Art in Holon, Roi Rosen Roi-Rosen.jpgand Avi Mugrabi Avi-Mugrabi.jpgat a VIAFARINI exhibition

Italy– Milano Feb - March

Nelli Agassi Nelli-Agassi.jpgparticipates in a group exhibition at the Triennale  Design Museum

Italy - Rome Feb.17-March 24

10 Israeli artists (including Vardi KahanaVardi-Kahana.jpg, Shai Azulai, Meir Appelfeld) in a Group Exhibition at the Armano Tedeschi Gallery

Netherlands - Amsterdam March

Author Yehudit Katzir Yehudit-Katzir.jpgparticipates in an International Literary Event celebrating International Women's Day

Russia – St.. Petersburg February 21

International Musical Hermitage Festival to host Yair Dellal Yair-Dellal.jpg, Eyal Sela Eyal-Sela.jpgand others in a special World Music event

Russia - Moscow and ++ March 19-28 Ido Bukelman Trio at the MUZENERGO International Music Festival
Russia – Moscow and
March Curator and Lecturer  Sergio Edelstein Sergio-Edelstein.jpgto participate in the Video Installations Exhibition at the Museum Of Contemporary Art
Russia - Moscow March In honor of International Women's Day –"Israeli Women" Photo Exhibition by  Iris Nesher


Spain - Madrid February Israeli artists will participate in the Musica Sacra Festival
Spain - Various February 19-28

Ahinoam Nini  (Noa) Ahinoam-Nini.jpg in Concert

Spain - Madrid March Israeli poet to participate in the International Poetry Festival
Sweden - Gothenburg February Animator Zvika Oren invited by the Gothenburg International Film Festival
Sweden - Stockholm February 24

Clarinetist Anat Cohen Anat-Cohen.jpgin Concert

Sweden - Stockholm February

Israeli artists from the Barbur Gallery in Jerusalem to participate in the Supermarket International Art Fair

Sweden - Stockholm February 26 Amos Oz amos-oz.jpg
UK - London February

Tomer Gewirtzman Tomer-Gewirtzman.jpg Piano Recital

UK - London March

David Grossman davidGrossman.jpg

UK - London Feb. 21- March 1

Amos Oz amos-oz.jpg and A.B. Yehoshua AB.jpgto participate in the Jewish Book Week.

UK - London Until March 15

 "One Family" –Photo Exhibition  by  Vardi Kahana Vardi-Kahana.jpg

UK - London March, April

Jasmin Vardimon Jasmin-Vardimon.jpgDance company

UK - London Until March 3 ‘Horizontal Paper Works’ -  Exhibition by Tamar Lev-On
Ukraine - Kiev March 2

Concert by Conductor and Pianist Vag Papian Vag-Papian.jpg(Chief Conductor of the Ashdod Symphonic Orchestra)

Ukraine Kiev & Odessa March 27-April 3 Concerts by Violinist and Viola Player Every Levitan
Canada - Montreal Feb.28-March 8

International Children's Movie Festival: Screening of Israeli Film "Ilay and Ben"  in the presence of Director U Ravid

Canada - Montreal

March 19-29

Israeli movie by Nurit Aviv Nurith-Aviv.jpgto participate in the International Festival of Films on Art

USA – various 15-18 February

Poetess Hamutal BAR-YOSSEF Hamutal-BAR-YOSSEF.jpgto visit several university campuses

USA – various & NY February - March

Batsheva Dance Cie.Batsheva-Dance-Cie.jpg US tour to end at the BAM (Brooklyn) 

USA – various February - March

Animator David Polonsky DavidPolonsky.jpg- Tour of campuses

USA – various March 22-29 The Idan Raichel Project The-Idan-Raichel-Project.jpg US tour
USA – various March 20-25

 Ruth Diskin ruthDiskin.jpg, Hedva Goldsmith  and Ibtisam Mara'ana Ibtisam-Mara'ana.jpg – Tour of campuses    

USA - Albuquerque March Yossi Berg & Oded Graf


USA - Austin February Meskie Shibru Meskie-Shibru.jpg (Actress and Musician of Ethiopian origin)

USA – New York


Pinhas Zukerman Pinhas-Zukerman.jpg several concerts

USA - Boston


International symposium dedicated to Tel Aviv Centennial

USA – New York


Seminar on Israeli Theater – Shimon LevyShimon-Levy.jpg, Ruth KanerRuth-Kaner.jpg, Moti Lerner Moti-Lerner.jpgand others

USA – New York


"Seven Generations": Photos and Video by Avishai MekonenAvishai-Mekonen.jpg

USA – New York


"Israel non-stop": Berry SakharofBerry-Sakharof.jpgZohar Frescozohar.jpg, Ruth Kaner, Gail HarevenGail-Hareven.jpg, Ayelet Menahemi

USA – New York

March 3-4, 14, 15

Concerts at the Y: Alexander FitersteinAlexander-Fiterstein.jpg, Shai Wosner Shai-Wosner.jpg,Saleem Abboud AshkarSaleem-Abboud-Ashkar.jpg

USA – New York

March 4-8

SCOPE Art Fair for emerging contemporary art – participation of Mayan Amir RUTI-SELA-&-MAAYAN-AMIR.jpg(Curator) and Ruti Sela (Video Artist)

USA – New York

March 29

Ariel String Quartet Ariel-String-Quartet.jpg

USA - Portland


Jewish Film Festival

USA - Washington

Feb. 2 – March 8

"The Accident", a play by Hillel Mitelfunkt, in the presence of the Director Sinai Peter

USA - Washington

February 15, 22

Concert by the Silver-Garburg silvergarburg.jpgDuo

USA - Washington


"Plonter" Plonter.jpgby the Cameri Theater at the Jewish Theater


Argentina - Salta & Buenos Aires


Pianist Dorel Golan for special concerts

Ecuador - Quito


Beta Dance Troupe participates in the International Dance Festival

Ecuador - Quito

March 9-15

Yuval Ron and the Residents of the Future Band YouvalRon.jpgto participate in the  International Jazz Festival



Yuval Ron and the Residents of the Future Band YouvalRon.jpgto participate in the  International Jazz Festival


China - Shanghai


Author Alon Hilu alonhilu.jpgto participate in the International Authors' Festival

Japan several cities


"Hanna's  Suitcase", a play of the Acco Theater directed by Moni Yosef

India  Delhi, Calcutta


Special concerts by Conductor and Composer Gil Shochat

Philippines - Manila

Feb. 21– March 1

Participation of Amir Gvirtzman in the International Jazz Festival


March 5-8

Israeli movie to be screened in the Singapore International Film Festival

Vietnam - Hanoi


Danny SandersonDanise.jpg, Anat AtzmonAnatAtzmon.jpg, Rami Meiri ramiMeiri.jpg(outdoor mural painter)  participate in the Long Bien Festival  

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