Iran : "Israel is not serious..."

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"... When they say that they want to destruct our country. They can't do it. They don't want to do it."
Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman Hassan Qashqavi said that Tehran had dismissed the possibility of an Israeli strike against the country, local satellite Press TV reported. Qashqavi told a that his country had not taken the Israeli threats seriously, adding "we think that regional and international developments and the complicated situation faced by Israel itself will not allow Israel to launch military strikes against other countries." He referred to the threats as psychological and media warfare.
The Israel Air Force has recently claimed that it is ready to execute any order to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weaponry. Israel, the United States and their Western allies have long been accusing Iran of secretly developing nuclear weapons, but Iran insists that its nuclear program is only for peaceful purposes. Recently, speculation has circulated the western media that, incase of Iran's insistence to pursue nuclear program, Israel may carry out a military strike on Iran's nuclear sites.

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