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Defense Ministry official learns his secretary has dreams of Mossad position, disguises himself as representative conducting entrance exam in which she must tell her boss sexual details of her life, smell him, and appear naked before him

The Court of Discipline on Sunday convicted a senior official at the Ministry of Defense of sexually harassing his 21-year old secretary, asking her to perform sexual favors in exchange for a recommendation for the Mossad.  According to the verdict, in October of 2007 the official told his secretary he was satisfied with her work and that she should hand him her resume so that he could promote her within the Shin Bet and the Mossad.


 But when she gave him the resume he did not give it to either institution. Instead he told her that a Mossad official would contact her and give her tasks to perform as a test of sorts. Over two weeks the young woman did indeed receive calls from an unidentified number – it was the official, who disguised his voice so that she would not recognize him. He asked her to keep the calls confidential and that he was investigating her talents in order to determine if she could qualify for a position with the Mossad.

 During the telephone conversations he asked her for intimate details about herself, including her sexual history, and she answered in good faith, thinking it was part of her "entrance exam". The caller then asked her to choose a man outside of her circle of family and friends to assist her in receiving the position. She chose the official, without knowing that it was actually he who was calling her.

 The official answered, "You made a good choice," and presented her with two "missions": To praise the official at every chance she got to anyone she happened to meet, and to get close to him, doing whatever was required in order to achieve this status, including furnishing him with the private details of her sex life.

 During one of the telephone conversations the caller told the young woman she may be asked to appear naked before the senior official. In another conversation he asked her if she had smelled the official, saying he "had the scent of holiness" about him. The young woman remained oblivious to the devious plot until she told her boyfriend of the calls, and the latter convinced her to complain to the Defense Ministry. The ministry in turn involved the police, who listened in on the woman's phone conversations and investigated the case.

 The Court of Discipline convicted the official of sexual harassment and conduct unbecoming, and he will be forced to retire.


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