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FRANCAIS : L'article qui suit est une rédaction écrite par Michael Len, un collégien juif américain d'une douzaine d'années. Le sujet était "le stéréotype". Dans sa rédaction, Michall à décidé de parler du fameux " Tous les juifs sont riches". Comme vous le verrez, malgré son jeune âge Michael n'a pas cherché à défendre les juifs tels des "victimes" de ce stéréotype. Il à plutôt cherché à expliquer pourquoi "tous les juifs sont riches". Et c'est plutôt bien formulé. Pour remettre les choses dans leurs contextes, Michael est issu d'une famille russe émigré à Los Angeles sans économies en poche. Bonne lecture !

ENGLISH : The following article is an editorial staff written by Michael Len, an American Jewish schoolboy of a dozen years. The subject was " the stereotypes ". In his editorial staff, Michael decided to speak about the famous " All the Jews are rich ". As you will see, in spite of his young age, Michael did not try to defend the Jews such as the "victims" of this stereotype. He rather tried to explain why " all the Jews are rich ". And it is very well written.To hand things in their contexts, Michael arises from a Russian family emigrated in Los Angeles without savings into theirs pocket. Enjoy guy's !

All Jews are Rich

            The stereo-type "all Jews are rich" has been a staple for anti-Semitism for centuries. Hitler used this stereo-type against Jews during the Holocaust. This stereo-type is not used to tell people how hard Jews work, or how smart they are, but to portray Jews as thieves. It implies that Jews are greedy people. When asked to name the origin of this stereo-type my immediate reaction was: "Hitler used it against the Jews!" Then after a moment of thinking I realized that the Germans were not the first anti-Semites. After some research, I found out that it originated in the middle ages. Anti- Semitism was widely practiced. The churches agreed that it was a sin for Christians to charge interest on loans. Since Jews weren't allowed to own land, they seized the opportunity, and opened banks and loaned to Christians. Since they had no competition, Jews made a huge profit, and were branded rich people who stole.

            I picked this stereo-type because my parents have been successful financially, but aren't wealthy because they steal, or cheat other people. Since I have been a baby, my parents have given me two important life lessons: what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and hard work will get you anywhere. My parents grew up in Russia and were called "dirty Jews" and "thieves." Through history, Jews have been prosecuted and have learned to work hard to survive. When my parents came to America they owned nothing and owed a lot. They still work very hard to send me to Buckley to get a good education. The stereo-type also affects me directly too. I am infuriated when a friend finds out that I live in a nice house, and then ask me if I'm Jewish. When I get a good grade in school it's not because my parents donated money, but because I worked hard. Many Jews are in Buckley for the same reason I am, my parents work and inspire me to do the same.

            When making my collage, I was trying to portray the dark side of Jews (that doesn't exist) that this stereo-type is trying to portray. On my collage I have a sign that says: "Hard Work Never Killed Anyone." It is my family's ideology. I put it in the middle of the collage to show that in all the lies about Jews, this is the truth. On the other side of the spectrum, I have put a thief, a suspicions looking Jew with horns, and a fat ugly Jew on a bag of money. I put them to show that this stereo-type is all about showing how evil and greedy Jews are. I also put a swastika to show the historical significance of the stereo-type. It shows that Hitler used it against Jews. Lastly I have put a picture of a nice house and the word comfort. I put them both there to show that Jews have life of comfort. Comfort is the key word to anti-Semitism and the house just backs it up.

            When you finish reading this essay, I would like you to think of Jews not as people who are lucky with money, but very hardworking people.  Jews are not thieves, and they most certainly do not have horns. They often live a life of comfort, only because they push themselves to the limit. I am proud to be Jewish, and I will live up to the real Jewish stereo-type: Jews work hard.

M. Len

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En effet, cette réflexion est très profonde, bien écrite et argumentée. Pour cet âge, c'est presque exceptionnel de développer un point de vue aussi clair.
de la graine de journaliste !<br /> Il y aurait bien des choses à dire sur ce sujet... Mais pour un écolier, c'est vraiment pas mal